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About Us

We are tech people who banded together to create a real connection between a candidate and an employer, believing that it takes one to recruit one.

Based on our vast technical knowledge and our experience working with technology companies, we have a deeper and better dialogue with the candidates and the employers, this helps us make sure that in terms of employ-employer there will be a perfect match, and both parties will enjoy a good working relationship over time.

Our Concept

Our concept is to connect a technological mentor to a technological candidate
In order to ensure that both parties receive the full information regarding the job and thus a perfect match will be made.

Professional Team

Our team of mentors, which includes senior and experienced people from a variety of technical expertise, helps to plan the right career path.

Industry Expertise

Whether it's Data & analytics, Cybersecurity, Development, Architects, DevOps or any other field, we are in constant contact with thousands of employees.

Quality of Service

Our quality of service ensures that through accurate matching, we save candidates unnecessary job interviews
And at the same time, we are saving employers unnecessary recruitment processes.

Looking for a new job?  looking for employees? Let's be in touch!
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